Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vorbe Construction-ești

 I've been building shooting ranges and tactical combat training facilities for three summers. That said, anyone who knows me probably wouldn't categorize me as a construction worker, handy man- or anything related thereto. I do however get a good kick out of construction workers and their personalities and I decided it was time to share some good 'ol construction sayings! I obviously won't include all of them because most are quite obscene... but these ones are clean and oft-repeated (but not by me).

1.) "It ain't gonna build itself!"
2.) "We're not building a piano!"
3.) "They're just gonna shoot at it anyway!"
4.) "Put down your purse!"
5.) "Drive it like ya own it!"

I think the last one is my favorite because it's most often directed at me. When I operate heavy machinery, it must be pretty evident that I am not the owner. I've pulled some astonishingly shameful moves on a forklift. Happily, I haven't killed anyone yet.

1 comment:

  1. Ahaha! Definitely evident that you are not in fact the owner.