Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When Bashu Needs, Bashu Gets

I thought I might revisit an experience I had with my roommate, Bashu, a few months ago. For some reason I never got around to posting this story on my blog. Hopefully it's never too late for a good Bashu story. The picture doesn't have much of a connection to the story- except for that Bashu doesn't like being misrepresented. He was somewhat apprehensive about me posting the picture because he felt the shovel misrepresented him. With Bashu, what you see is pretty much always what you get. It's my favorite thing about him. 
That said, I think it depicts him pretty accurately. He certainly doesn't look like he belongs with the shovel in his hand- you can tell he has encountered a completely alien object- and not even for the sake of the picture can he suppress his befuddlement as to why someone would be photographing him holding a shovel.
Anyway, a few months ago I asked Bashu if he had ever had a relationship with a girl because I was uncertain if he had ever attempted one-on-one communication with the opposite sex. In the seven months I'd known him, I could only recall a handful of instances in which he had ventured to speak to a girl and then, only in group settings.
He responded, "When I need, I get."

Fair enough.

He then told me of a recent exchange he had with a girl. They were friends on facebook, and he had seen a picture of her that he liked. This is what he wrote:

"I am the kind of person who appreciates women's natural beauty over make-ups. But I have to tell you, those lipsticks actually enhances your lips to a new level not quite sure why it works that way in you. Maybe the charm of your eyes and smile overshadows the beauty of your lips and that red lipstick exposes the voluptuousness of your lips.
just a thought..."

When he needs, he gets.


  1. I'm dying to know if it worked out between him and the girl on facebook!

  2. AAAAAAHAHAHA! Why do we over-complicate things? Bashu really brings it all into perspective. Thanks, man!

  3. Brilliant. I think it must be an asset to be foreign. (certainly an asset to be Bashu!) Very cool approach. Amusing.