Monday, March 21, 2011

Conversations With Bashu

I have a roommate from Nepal who is probably the cutest human currently living. His name is Bashu. Regrettably, he's moving in a couple months, but I'm making him teach me how to cook Indian food before he leaves, so I've spent a lot more time with him over the last little while. I wish I had a recorder permanently attached to him because some of the stuff he says is side-splitting. I do my best to just write it down.

So here are some Bashu nuggets from the last few weeks. I thought of adding explanations to them, but I realized that they make about as much sense without the context as they do within it. Some are conversations and some are just quotes. 

Here you go, (with Nepalese accent)

"If you want to get back at him, you'd better think of something better than throwing a bread."

"Please, don't touch me with your thing."

Bashu: Hey, is it 'dētərmīn or 'detərmīn?
Jakob: Um…determine?
Bashu: Dang it…

"I forgot to buy the toilet papers."

"Hey Jake, what do you think of when I say, "blondgrilz?"

Jakob: Did you get soy sauce?
Bashu: No I forgot. I had to listen to five Nepalese folk songs just to energize my body enough to get to the grocery store.
Jakob: What kind of music is that?
Bashu: You know, like the kind that gives you goosebumps?
Jakob: So it's kind of like listening to Michael Jackson?
Bashu: Well, not really. I mean, that's good too...but it doesn't make me want to go outside and walk somewhere.

"Nobody can wax in this house without me knowing about it."